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Thermobag for 2 bottles

Thermobag is made of durable thermo materials without harmful substances, it is absolutely safe to use. Thermal insulation allows you to store drinks at the desired temperature up to 4 hours.

There is a pocket for gel cartridge inside the bag, gel cartridge for prolonged temperature maintenance inside the bag.

The main material is eco leather, it is wear-resistant and waterproof.
The inner surface of bag has lining, you could easily clear the unwanted dirt.
The bag is fastened with secure zipper, it won’t allow the bag to open accidentally, also it provides thermal insulation.
You could hung thermobag at the stroller, put it in a backpack or carry it in the hands due to convenient handle.

Recommended age: from birth
Upper material: eco leather
Material of thermal insulation: foam polyethylene
Lining material: 100% polyester
Dimensions: 17×20×11 cm
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