• Black Friday
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Get ready for gifts! Anex strollers will be available with free accessories during the last week of November.

The offer applies to special colors of the Anex m/type, Anex e/type and Anex Air-X models: 

  • m/type Dune, Mocco, Ink, Iron, Hide, Noble - canopy peak+fur
  • m/type Arctic, Minty - sun cover+blanket
  • e/type Soul, Gothic, Noir - canopy peak+infant car seat cover+cup holder
  • Air-x all colours - footcover black+mosquito net+rain cover
  • l/type all colours - old footcover+old backpack
  • Quant Water, Flame - footcover+backpack+mosquito net

Ask Anex official representatives in your country (you can find the list at the link). November 22 to 28, 2021. The number of accessories is very limited so hurry up!

Dear cool parents, many brands are now facing a global shipping crisis caused by Сovid. That’s why please make your orders in advance to be sure that your favorite Anex arrives to you as soon as possible.

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