Anex m/type PRO

Forget about classic plastic cots, Anex m/type PRO turns the world of strollers upside down. This model is created with smart fashion in mind, acknowledging the importance of high-quality materials and environmentally friendly production. The model is improved by innovative EPP material (Expanded Polypropylene) that makes it lighter without compromising on strength or safety.


The key features of the m/type PRO collection are based on kids’ comfort and parents’ convenience. The stroller allows you to get sheer pleasure from the great outdoors.

Easy removing cot. Press the buttons to remove the carrycot. The adapters’ memory system will keep the buttons pressed until you pull up the cot.

Comfortable sleeping space. Newborns will sleep tight in the area of 79 х 33 х 15 cm.

Memory buttons. The buttons memory system ensures convenience in case of a need to correct the position of the carrycot's hood with one hand.

Position for newborns. The seat unit can be used from birth due to the ability to lower the backrest.

Backrest & footrest adjustments. You can choose an individual comfortable height and lying positions.

Folding frame. The frame can be folded together with the seat unit so you don't need to worry about portability or additional space.

Multi handle. Due to the ergonomic design, there are 9 handle positions suitable for people of different heights.s.

Triple shock absorption. The shock absorbers work simultaneously on the front wheels, rear wheels and on the frame. The system can be adjusted according to the type of road surface.

360-degree turning front wheels. They make rides more comfortable allowing the stroller to overcome obstacles on the road.

Click-to-go. The one click wheel connection ensures quick installation or detachment of the wheels.

Transformer basket. The functionality of the basket provides various options for its use: open, semi-open, enlarged, and completely closed.

Breathing system. The stroller is equipped with a complex air circulation system that provides ventilation in the bottom, in the mattress and in the hood of the cot, in the footrest and hood of the seat unit.





Awards & certificates

Our strollers are tested and certified according to the European standards. They meet the requirements of security, stability and durability, that is proved by numerous international awards. m/type PRO complies with the new standard EN1888:2018 and is designed for children weighing up to 22 kg (up to 4 years).

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Weight, external and internal dimensions

Stroller with carrycot Anex
Stroller with seat unit Anex
Inner carrycot dimensions Anex
Inner seat unit dimensions Anex
Folded frame with seat unit Anex

What included

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Carrycot with mattress
Footcover for carrycot
Seat unit
Air free wheels
Rain cover
Mosquito net
Footcover for seat unit
Frame basket

Tech Specs


An anti-wobble system prevents wheel vibration during motion and ensures a straight and smooth ride.


The stroller features an automatic protection system against accidental frame folding.

Fabric protection
Fabric protection

The water-repellent finishing prevents drops of water from penetrating into the fabric and UV 50+ technology blocks 98% of the sun's rays.

Breathing system
Breathing system

The stroller is equipped with a complex air circulation system that provides ventilation in the bottom, in the mattress and in the hood of the cot, in the footrest and hood of the seat unit.


Thanks to the smart design, the carrycot can be rocked like a cradle. In addition, it can be conveniently removed from the frame with one hand thanks to the adapter memory system.

Comfy stop
Comfy stop

The ergonomic shoe-friendly brake system is activated and deactivated simply by pressing a pedal.

Air-free wheels
Air-free wheels

Wear-resistant, elastic polyurethane wheels. They do not contain an inflatable tube, which eliminates the need to inflate them or the risk of accidental damage.

Removable bumper
Removable bumper

The system makes it easy to attach / detach the bumper with one hand.

Easy lock
Easy lock

The front lock system allows you to keep the wheels in one position at the touch of a button.

Alternative to plastic
Alternative to plastic

The EPP material is 100% recyclable, unlike most plastics, which stay with us forever. Steam consumption during production was reduced by up to 80%.

New gen protection
New gen protection

The Carrycot PRO is certified for compliance with leading European standards. Due to the strength of the EPP material, it is also used in the production of car seats, safety helmets, and vehicles.

Laser shaping
Laser shaping

The texture was created using innovative laser ablation technology. This is the first case in the stroller industry.

Lightweight cot
Lightweight cot

Carrycot PRO is 1 kg lighter than standard plastic cots — it weighs only 3.5 kg.

Own microclimate
Own microclimate

The EPP material has a high temperature resistance and insulation factors. It ensures warmth in winter and coolness in summer.