Anex Quant

We want the next generation to forget about stereotypes. Their parents should feel free to express themselves, stand out and move beyond. We created Anex Quant for such parents. The hood and main fabric of the stroller are made of recycled plastic that is completely safe for children, and all the functions of this stroller can be used with one hand. The future is your decision. 


Functional design is not just a trend. This is what a modern person needs. And we created the Quant.

LED lights. Lighting at the front side of the frame makes the stroll safer. Choose the option: flickering or full brightness mode.

One-hand system. You can fold or unfold the frame with one hand.

One-hand system. You can fold or unfold, install or remove the carrycot and adjust the hood with one hand.

One-hand system. You can install or remove the seat unit, adapters and bumper with one hand.

Compact size. What is a very compact size that makes it easy to store and move? Just imagine: 65,5 cm x 50,5 cm x 23,5 cm (without wheels).

Firm plastic & perfectly smooth bottom. The bottom of the cot is made of EPP material, which retains warmth in winter and coolness in summer. 

Memory foam. The mattress is filled with memory foam, which repeats the contours of the baby's body and resumes its shape. 

Winter x Summer walks. Open the fully ventilated backrest of the seat unit in summer and put on a warm foot cover in winter. 

Shock absorption. The shock absorbers work simultaneously on front wheels and rear wheels providing smooth strolls.

Light-reflecting tags. The words on the hood are made from a special light-reflecting material.

Position for newborns. The seat unit can be used from birth due to the ability to lower the backrest.

One-hand system. The main purpose of designing this stroller is to provide the opportunity to fold/unfold the frame together with seat unit with one hand.

Awards & certificates

Our strollers were tested and certified according to European standards. We have won some awards because we work hard and make our strollers with all the safety, stability, and durability requirements.

  • Awards &┬ácertificates Award 1
  • Awards &┬ácertificates Award 2
  • Awards &┬ácertificates Award 3
  • Awards &┬ácertificates Award 4
  • Awards &┬ácertificates Award 5
  • newborn strollers
  • stroller for winter
  • Deep Stroller Prams 2in1
  • poussette bebe moderne
  • poussette avec lumiere
  • designer stroller

Weight, external and internal dimensions

Stroller with carrycot Anex
Stroller with seat unit Anex
Inner carrycot dimensions Anex
Inner seat unit dimensions Anex
Folded frame with seat unit Anex

What included

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Frame with basket
Carrycot with mattress
Seat unit
Air free wheels
Rain cover
Footcover for carrycot

Tech specs


An anti-wobble system prevents wheel vibration during motion and ensures a straight and smooth ride.


The stroller features an automatic protection system against accidental frame folding.

Fabric protection
Fabric protection

The water-repellent finishing prevents drops of water from penetrating into the fabric and UV 50+ technology blocks 98% of the sun's rays.

Breathing system
Breathing system

The stroller is equipped with a complex air circulation system that provides ventilation in the bottom, in the mattress and in the hood of the cot, in the footrest and hood of the seat unit.

Comfy stop
Comfy stop

The ergonomic shoe-friendly brake system is activated and deactivated simply by pressing a pedal.

Air-free wheels
Air-free wheels

Wear-resistant, elastic polyurethane wheels. They do not contain an inflatable tube, which eliminates the need to inflate them or the risk of accidental damage.

Removable bumper
Removable bumper

The system makes it easy to attach / detach the bumper with one hand.

Easy lock
Easy lock

The front lock system allows you to keep the wheels in one position at the touch of a button.

Telescopic handle
Telescopic handle

A height-adjustable leatherette handle makes riding with the stroller more comfortable for parents of different height. 

Recycled plastic fabric
Recycled plastic fabric

The stroller's hood and the main fabric of the cot are made of recycled plastic (Sago fabric).

Memory foam
Memory foam

The mattress is filled with memory foam, which repeats the contours of the baby's body and resumes its shape. 

LED lights
LED lights

The stroller is equipped with waterproof LED system for better visibility on evening walks.

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