Blog Anex Sport in Vogue spirit: don’t cheat your sense of style

Anex Sport in Vogue spirit: don’t cheat your sense of style

In the realm of strollers, Anex Vogue holds a special place. Anex Sport strollers help you express your individuality to the fullest. To see why, check out how this remarkable stroller model can suit you for any outfit.

First, let’s explore the peculiarity of the Vogue model: unlike other versions of Anex Sport strollers, this one is comprised entirely of eco leather. Even taking into consideration the fact that all the rest of the strollers are produced combining eco leather and jacquard, Anex Vogue still fits into the Sport collection due to the inserts of printed eco leather. The pattern is immaculately designed in a way that next to the textured jacquard strollers, this model looks totally harmonic. Combining such a print with the breezy smoothness of the eco leather imparts the exquisite originality of the Vogue model.

This stroller was designed for stylish parents who don’t hesitate to demonstrate their artistic taste. Despite the peculiar texture scheme, the Vogue stroller does not impose the image on you. It is always in tune with any style in your wardrobe. We have made up seven different looks that clearly illustrate how wonderfully Vogue complements the parents’ outfits.

The perfect country-style look for a stroll. The basic black and white plaid midi dress, which is the key element of the outfit, will definitely suit any figure. The small-figured plaid pattern looks stunning no matter the body type. The cowboy boots, a timeless accessory, will balance the flippant character of the dress. A laconic elegant belt bag completes the look, and a cozy grandma cardigan will make you feel comfortable and warm even in nasty transitional weather.

The gray shades of the outfit match the Vogue stroller’s color scheme splendidly. The moderate tones and leading white color make the look temperate and fresh.

The look with smart business vibes. The foundation for this look is the midi black dress that is a real must-have for any lady — we bet every woman has at least one black dress of some kind in her wardrobe. It is combined with brown suede shoes with a cardigan to match. The stylish round bag adds graceful feminine vibes and together with the cardigan, it diminishes the austerity of the dress.

The look visually matches the stroller due to the shades of brown in the pattern. It is an excellent decision for those who don’t appreciate the domination of gray color in their clothes: the prints on the stroller lets parents experiment with the colors and still look perfect.

A rock-star on the stroll. For those who like basic dynamic outfits, we prepared a look consisting of ruffian leather ripped pants and an audacious biker jacket. A white T-shirt and short black belt bag counterbalance the boldness of the pants. The shoes make a bright accent for this look: silver cowboy boots neutralize the monotone look of the black, making the whole image look groundbreaking and fresh. The silver color of the boots perfectly matches the silverfish-gray eco leather of the Vogue stroller. As a result, we have a total, integrated look.

Sport chic style for the most energetic parents. The basis of this look is presented with an elegant black jumpsuit. Moms will definitely appreciate the ingenious simplicity of the design and zipper pockets. The tractor sole laced boots make the outfit look sportier. The silver backpack from the basic complete set of the Vogue stroller will match the look perfectly.

The versatile black color and the gray metallic shoes are a great combo for the Vogue stroller. Surprisingly, the sporty look isn’t discordant with the stroller — on the contrary, it adds cool futuristic vibes to the image.

The basic outfit for men who prefer to stay elegant even while strolling. The key element of the look is the timeless pair of jeans, combined with a white polo T-shirt and stylish cord blazer and suede desert boots in the matching brown shades.

Such a look perfectly matches the Vogue model due to the blue and brown speckles on the stroller. Pearl gray will look even more stunning if the man wears some jewelry in silver metallic color.

The sporty look for an active weekend. A pair of comfortable black pants is a background for the bright T-shirt and training shoes with prints. The black belt bag balances the look. A printed sweater will protect from a raw breeze, and a raincoat will bring the London vibes to the image.

Such a sporty look will match the stroller despite the Vogue’s pretentious inclination to chic. The focus of the outfit is on the synonymic brown shades on the T-shirt and the print, and the classic black color makes the duo look all-rounded and complete.

For those who stay loyal to the classics. Pants made of fine wool with a plaid print, monochromatic sweater, white shirt and black Chelsea boots. The look can be completed with a navy-blue straight cut coat.

The look chimes with the Vogue stroller due to the gray and beige shades in the plaid pattern of the pants and the blue color of the coat: both shades are used in the pattern on the stroller. The smooth black leather of the shoes is in tune with monochromatic gray eco leather parts of the Vogue.

All seven looks illustrate the versatility of the pattern of the Vogue stroller. If you enjoy standing out in a crowd, Anex Vogue will definitely make your strolls with your baby even more exciting and inspiring.

Anex Sport Vogue — for those whose style dictates fashion!