Blog What to take with you on a winter stroll

What to take with you on a winter stroll

In order for winter not to catch you unawares, we collected four useful things to improve your strolls in the cold weather.

Winter bunting

A winter bunting is a multifunctional accessory. You can use it as a mat, blanket, or lining. Inside the stroller, the bunting is held by safety belts. It has special openings for them. The bunting can fit into the bassinet and the strolling block. You can also use it to keep the baby warm on a sled.

The winter bunting doesn’t allow the baby to get cold or wet. It’s made of specially treated material. That’s why it doesn’t let water or wind through.

Thermal bag

The thermal bag can help keep you warm during the stroll. Drinks inside the thermal bag stay hot up to four hours, even when it’s −5°C (23°F) outside. If you keep your tea in a regular bottle, it will get cold in half an hour.

There are three types of thermal bags. One for one bottle, another one for two bottles, and the third one for a lunch box. Inside the lunch box thermal bag, there is a special pocket for forks, spoons, and napkins. If something spills inside the bag, you can easily clean it since it has a special lining.


The muff can keep your hands warm during a stroll. Our muff has a transparent pocket for a cell phone with an opening for headphones. The transparent lining allows you to change the music or take phone calls. You don’t have to take the cell phone out every time you need it.

The muff is installed on both sides of the handle so both the mom and the baby can keep their hands warm. It doesn’t allow wind or rain through. It keeps you warm even when it’s −20°C (-4°F) outside.

Canopy Fur

Canopy fur doesn’t fully protect the child from the wind, rain, and snow. However, it decorates the stroller and makes you happy just like Christmas tree lights do.

The fur is fastened to a rubber band, and you can adjust the length. So it fits any stroller.

Use winter Anex accessories to make your stroll warm and comfortable even when the temperature outside is freezing.