Best for Children

Childhood is the most amazing time in people’s lives. It’s the time when a lot of things happen for the first time. First step, first word, first picked flower, first fall into a puddle, and many more things that will soon be discovered.

Every child is a small explorer, full of impressions and enthusiasm. We believe that every child must fully realize their interest towards the world from early childhood. This is why we created Anex.

We used our best knowledge and skills, love and care so that your little researcher was able to perceive the world closer at an early age. Together with Anex, you are in safety and comfort.


A perfect stroller is great in everything

Having taken care of quality, we do not forget about the style. We are constantly developing original patters and balanced colors for our strollers. A team of experienced European designers has been working with us already for several years.

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    All the components and sheathing materials in Anex® strollers are compliant with international standards of safety and quality of goods ISO 9001.

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    Our strollers were tested and certified according to the European standard EN 1888:2012. They are compliant with all the safety, stability, and durability requirements.

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    Anex® strollers are certified according to the requirements of Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union.


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