Universal baby strollers: for all occasions

All parents want to create maximum comfort for their kids and buy only the best for them. This applies to children's transport, cradles, clothes, toys, etc. A special place among children's products is taken by universal strollers (strollers-transformers). They are the most convenient means of transportation for all occasions, both for children and parents. With them you can go for a walk, go shopping, go in the nearest park or to the country. Universal strollers are a great choice for long off-road walks, at any time of the year and in any weather. To buy a universal stroller for children means to receive both a carrycot and a seat unit. They are designed for babies from birth and up to 3 years, and are equipped with everything necessary for parents. With the help of a flipping mechanism in the seat unit, you can turn the stroller to a facing parents position, or vice versa. The safety belts in the seat unit meet all international standards.

Universal baby strollers for newborns

High-quality baby strollers are lightweight, have a spacious sleeping space and reliable brakes. In addition, they have the following advantages:

- removable seat unit;

- ability to install car seats;

- air circulation system;

- one-hand easy removable carrycot;

- comfortable sleeping space;

- adjustable backrest, footrest and handle;

- possibility of fold the frame with one hand;

- large hood with a canopy;

- removable soft goods;

- triple shock absorption;

- 360°-turning front wheels;

- capacious shopping basket;

- 5-point safety belts;

- additional accessories (foot cover, mosquito net, raincoat, backpack, etc.).

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of models, affordable prices and high level of service. Options in different designs and colors that are suitable for both boys and girls are available for orders.

How to choose a universal stroller?

First of all, you need to prioritize the safety and comfort of the child. This includes great shock absorption, roomy and warm sleeping place with ventilation, water-repellent textiles, and a large hood. The stroller should be equipped with strong seat belts (preferably 5-point), an adjustable footrest (feet should be on a flat surface), a bumper (so that the child can get out of the stroller on their own). It is also very convenient when the backrest is adjustable so that the child can sit and lie in the stroller. A large hood protects not only from the sun and rain, but also from dust and wind. 3in1 models are usually equipped with a car seat in the form of a cradle, which is very convenient for babies.

Equally important is the convenience for parents. It is provided by good passability of wheels, ease of folding/unfolding, transportation mobility, the ability to adjust the handle, the presence of a peek-a-boo window, etc. It is worth noting that strollers with large wheels have better passability and are more stable than those with small wheels. The number of wheels also affects these indicators. Rubber, gel and silicone wheels are considered the best because they absorb vibration well. Inflatable wheels have soft shock absorption, but need to be pumped up from time to time. If the front wheels are swivel, it is better to fix them (for better passability). In addition, it is important to choose the stroller that has good shock absorption and the ability to change the position of the handle (to adjust depending on the height of the parents).

Also, the weight and size of the stroller affects the ease of use. The optimal weight is considered to be in the range from 13 to 16 kg. As for the size, first of all, it is necessary to rely on your lifestyle and place of living (width of doorways and elevators).

Another factor to consider is the manufacturer of the stroller. The strollers of such well-known brands have proven themselves best: Anex, Adamex, Chicco, Geoby, Camarelo, Adbor and others.

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