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Sometimes you have to wait much longer for these words. Sometimes you have to fly across the ocean to hear them. These words will not necessarily be the first, but they will always mean love. Especially when you have chosen to be a family.

Adoption is a decision that is never easy. Thousands of doubts, thousands of pros and cons. You will have to turn your life upside down and become a whole new world for someone else. Scary? All parents are scared. Even the coolest of them.

Today we launch a project that tells more about Anex mission. We Make Parenting Cool and, as a brand, we will support the coolest decision - to become a family for a child.

We will tell 4 stories of adoption that happened under different circumstances and conditions. There were goosebumps, there were tears, there were shy smiles and belly laughs. We have felt these stories and invite you to do the same. Let them be a message against fears and doubts.

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