We make parenting cool

We are a team of driven designers and engineers united in a common cause: Making the lives of babies and parents easier, better, and with a touch of the unique.

We are inspired by people who perceive parenting as the most exciting and fascinating adventure of their lives. We desire to support them and make their journey cool!

Our team of more than 500 people works every day to support parents in more than 40 countries.


We challenge stereotypes. We are passionate about creating ergonomically sound products accentuating a family’s personal style.

We believe that safety and beauty are allies. Being practical and reliable does not mean we have to sacrifice innovation and elegance.

Anex products have it all!


Parenting sometimes can be stressful, but it is one of the best times of our lives that everyone says is gone too quickly. Anex designs so we can all live in the moment while preparing for the future and learning from our past.


Cool is not about age, it is about attitude.

Cool is about making the most of what comes while being free to explore.

Embracing the chaos and uncertainty of a new family leads to revelation and surprise.

Having a baby is a new beginning for everyone.

Our products are built to endure while parents thrive.

Be Cool. Be Anex.