Blog Anex Air-X and Anex Quant: A stylish presentation of the latest high-profile releases

Anex Air-X and Anex Quant: A stylish presentation of the latest high-profile releases

Anex threw a party in Moscow, on September 25th to present its new strollers.

There is no chance that a Tuesday evening in the autumn can be dull if you’re invited to the 58th floor in Penthouse of Imperia Tower. That’s where popular bloggers and celebrities gathered to check out the new strollers by Anex.

Aleksandr Latik, the company’s CCO, started the event with his speech, through which he presented Anex’s new stroller line. The Air-X and Quant models presentation was accompanied with colorful teasers and animated photo and video content. Every benefit of each model was demonstrated in great detail on a big screen. The conceptualized real-life situations carried the audience off their feet.

Air-X stroller was potrayed as a unified portable solution for parents of both newborns and infants. The stroller can be folded with just one hand. It has a unique position called newborn, a two-level shock-absorption system for wheels, and a laconic and stylish design.

Quant cradles and strollers are a truly innovative solution by Anex because the manufacturing of these items incorporated incredible technological concepts (wheel direction memory system, anti-wobble system, special rip stop material, recycled plastic) together with a wide range of functional and trendy accessories. Progressive branded solution is worthy of separate attention: the strollers have original eclectic printing with both visual and functional context. The printing is made from a light-reflecting material, a safety measure for night walks. Quant’s patterns and lines don’t allow anybody to stay indifferent. They will let each sophisticated soul emphasize their taste by balancing their looks with an accessory line. The accessories were designed to harmonize with the stroller’s style.

Quant focuses on both the brand’s vision of progressive parenthood and the company’s social mission: Anex uses recycled plastic thus staying within the global movement against excessive plastic pollution of the planet.

Air-X and Quant were first demonstrated to a small circle of a specialized audience at the Kind and Jugend Expo in Cologne on September 20th to 23rd. A bigger audience in Moscow had a chance to meet the new strollers during a specialized show that was run within a presentation party. 12 models occupied the catwalk: 5 of them demonstrated the benefits of Air-X stroller while the other seven models demonstrated every aspect of the innovative Quant stroller. Models cat walked wearing layered street style outfits with colorful elements harmonizing with the design of the strollers. This resulted in a great tornado of applause. This was followed by an immediate tactile investigation by the guests and an improvised test drive after the show.

Retailers and bloggers were also part of the event. Later that night, the Instagram stories of many of them were full of videos and feedback on the presentation. Everyone’s emotions during the show became the golden thread of the event. The unexpected catwalk with the strollers was given an ecstatic welcome. The stylish solutions, powerful promotional videos, and the environmental-social mission of the brand were the most appreciated features by the grateful audience.

Galina Yudashkina (the daughter of the famous designer), Marina Molodina, and Alisa Krasovitova expressly supported the catwalk idea. A fancy party with groovy music followed the presentation.

An introductory meeting between retailers and the brand managers was held on the second day on September 26. Besides demonstrating the new Air-X and Quant lines by Anex, the audience saw a new generation of the Cross and Sport strollers. These strollers already won recognition from parents and filled a strong market niche.