Blog Anex at the Kind and Jugend Expo in Cologne: unexpected and spectacular new releases

Anex at the Kind and Jugend Expo in Cologne: unexpected and spectacular new releases

In 2018, Anex brought several new strollers to the market thus loudly positioning itself in the area of innovative parenthood.

Cologne brings together leading manufacturers of products for kids and teens every year. The Kind and Jugend Expo put together the best of the best in this market segment. This year, it was held on September 20th to 23rd. Anex regularly participates in this expo of the world’s best products for kids and teens. This time round, Anex presented the updated Sport 2.0 and Cross 2.0 models. It also presented its new Air-X stroller and radical, innovative model in the segment of baby carriages — Quant’s cradle and strolling block. It became Anex’s first shot in the premium niche.

Updated Anex strollers

The refined models of the popular Sport 2.0 and Cross 2.0 strollers will impress parents with a whole range of improvements. The comfort of folding the hood of the cradle of new Sport gen can amaze almost anyone (spoiler alert: it can be folded with just one hand on-the-go). All of this is possible thanks to a memory system, as well as light shock dampers designed for weight decline to emphasize the sustainable design of the model. The compact size of Cross 2.0 truly astonishes: a smaller frame and easier folding already with the seat of the strolling block. Both updated models are equipped with the AIR FREE wheels. The benefits of this system include increased wear resistance and maneuverability (i.e., smoothness of the ride even on the surface of a Martian landscape). Both models offer a minimalistic style combining fancy eco-leather and jacquard (Sport) or laconic eco-leather solo (Cross).

New Anex strollers

New Air-X walking stroller balances form and texture as a unified solution for those who are searching for the harmony of functionality, mobility, and design. The five primary colors emphasize the laconic forms of the construction. The two-level shock-absorbing system (for front and rear wheels) keeps the ride smooth on any surface. The compact size allows you to take the beloved stroller with you on a trip while maneuverability provides the opportunity to control the stroller with one hand. The construction is specifically designed to make it extremely easy to fold the stroller. The unique position for newborns and convenient fixation during sleeping time for older babies represent cherry on top of it all. This is when the following slogan is relevant: You can get all you need with the new Air-X.

Quant stroller’s cradle and strolling block options are the brand’s innovative solution. It’s oriented to parents who are way ahead of their time and prefer living in bold and functional design.

The stroller is equipped with the smallest frame in this segment. It allows you to perform all operations with just one hand. The carcass has headlights for safety reasons during nighttime walks. The cradle is made from solid plastic to avoid any accidental mechanical damage. The bottom is made from specially pressurized polystyrene to provide a perfectly even surface and temperature control. The orthopedic mattress flawlessly underlines the body shape of a newborn baby.

This part is devoted to a brand new technology — wheel direction and anti-wobble system which excludes rattling of the wheels and provides smooth motion on small road bumps.

The strolling block impresses with fully ventilated back of the seat and the cover for additional protection from wind and cold. The cover is made from a special material called ripstop. Thus, using it in both in warm and cold seasons is easy.

Accessories in this model include a mosquito net, raincoat, functional backpack, and additional foot cover for the strolling block.

There are six colors in the design of the strollers with eclectic light-reflecting printing. It’s worthy to note that the upper part of the textile is made from a special material manufactured from recycled plastic. The whole range of the line’s elements is designed in a unified style. It adds up visual hedonism for all sophisticated people who will use the stroller. The range of prints let you easily pick what suits you best. Eclectic details fill up any style with unique tones.

Anex’s stand as a projector of a new approach to strollers

The brand’s experts decided to emphasize the uniqueness of the presented products through the decoration of the stand, with Quant being the absolute focus of the attention. The exhibition space was kept in light tones to resonate with the lightness of accepting your own uniqueness and attitude to experimenting. Graffiti signs and posters would trigger the vibes of street style aesthetics. The visitors added audiovisual street energy to the walls of the stand. The managers wore fancy black one-piece coveralls. Their looks would broadcast the idea that stereotyping of things around us shouldn’t dictate how we should perceive life. In this case, it alludes to working men outfits. Modern parents are bold in their views of life and honest about their creativity.

Feedback and reaction by the audience

The Anex’s stand and the brand’s new models appealed to dynamic parenthood. The visitors’ feedback was expectedly nice and unexpectedly exuberant.

Smiley offered collaboration and noted the ingenuity of the Anex’s bold decisions: «The stand’s layout is splendid, it broadcasts another side of being a parent — not self-absorbed but partying in a good way».

Babyclub’s representatives admitted that they never know what to expect from the brand — Anex is unpredictable. Babyclub has been collaborating with Anex for years now, the company never misses expos and participates in exhibitions in Kyiv, Poland, Germany. «Air-X and Quant strollers look nothing like Sport and Cross strollers. Quant line is very progressive and interesting. Environmental protection is a hotly debated topic. I personally loved it». Anna Medved said. She added that at first sight at the stand she thought that Anex was generic. Once she entered the brand’s space, she realized the perfect harmony of the presentation of the strollers collection.

Half of the visitors applauded the brand’s environment-based mission through the use of recycled plastic for Quant strollers. Plastic pollution is an urgent world problem. It’s only natural that Anex joined the movement of socially responsible and proactive global companies.

The brand surprised the visitors with non-typical graphite and orange overalls on its managers, DJ, and bartender. Their vibrant looks perfectly fit Anex’s new releases and were highly appraised by the expo’s visitors.

Once again Anex represented itself as an original brand which offers stylish, modern and functional design of its products to anticipate its clients’ desires.