Blog For parents with taste: new strollers Anex 2018

For parents with taste: new strollers Anex 2018

Comfort and beauty — this is what mothers and fathers look for in the first place, choosing the first means of transport for their kids. Comfortable and beautiful Anex strollers perfectly meet the tastes and demands of modern parents. But looking at the updated collection of strollers of the brand, and it becomes clear that it is not easy to determine the favorite model. We will help you to choose by telling about the main features of the new collections.

To begin with, we note that the Anex brand offers two model lines: Anex Sport and Anex Cross. We will talk later about the differences and technical characteristics of the models. First, consider the color solutions in the design of strollers.

You will immediately recognize the Anex stroller on the street: laconic shapes and cool, harmonious colors. Thanks to a well-thought combination of shades, even well-seasoned great tones look boring. The patterns are dominated by a small, unobtrusive patterns that never get tired to please the eye. And of course, the range of patterns allow you to stylishly complement your look on the walk, without irritating the views of even the most sophisticated fashionistas.

Strollers Anex Sport remarkable harmonious combinations of eco-leather and jacquard. These are durable materials that visually give the stroller gloss (eco-leather) and texture (jacquard). This series presents the following models of wheelchairs.

Gray Cloud
This model is made in actual shades of gray, with graphite and pearl gray perfectly diluted with soft white. For practicality, accessories are prudently made in a smoky shade of gray. Caps have a graphite color, which is also a practical approach, given precipitation.

A perfect combination of gray and white gives the stroller a minimalist chic and refers to the philosophy of Scandinavian luxury, which is firmly established in the list of popular trends of modern design. Note that this model is updated every year due to the demand from parents.

Nebulas Blue
This model of stroller stands out deep velvet shade of blue, which is made of cap and partly an envelope in the walking version. White and gray frame the primary color and visually refer to the seascapes of the Italian and Spanish shores. Under the hot southern sun, the color scheme of this model is like a sop of cool water.

Warm Sand
The dominant color indeed refers to the warm sandy beaches. At the same time, the shade of yellow is not flashy, but a noble sand low tide and is languidly framed by a deep gray with an impregnation of white. This is for those who like bright, but not causing color solutions.

Ultra Violet
Pantone color Institute called ultraviolet the primary color of 2018, so this color option for trendsetters and lovers of philosophical purple. Pantone experts consider this shade to be a «thoughtful» version of purple with a touch of dramatic provocation. For bold fashion parents who like to emphasize their individuality.

Soft pastel shade of pink, which will appeal to the subtle romantic natures. «Tasty» name — sorbet — refers to the languid Eastern luxury of colors.

Option for real lovers of minimalism: the stroller is made in deep black. Despite the use of the same color, the combination of textures (eco-leather and jacquard) create a playful ensemble of shades. This model is also notable for the fact that the only one is equipped with rubberized moisture-proof locks.

British Green
Noble emerald shade for lovers of restrained British luxury. This aristocratic green evokes persistent associations with the humid British climate and the picturesque Sherwood Forest. Velvet green quickly found its admirers: appearing in the collection of Anex Sport in 2017. It immediately gained popularity with parents and took its rightful place in the collection of 2018.

Models with patterns

For lovers of fashion experiments and bold solutions. The intricate pattern looks spectacular due to the tandem with ash-gray color and allows you to highlight your taste and show individuality. A characteristic feature of this model is that this version of the Anex Sport stroller is wholly made of eco-leather: a combination of printed and silver textures.

This color scheme is a top-selling option due to the pleasant shades of the eye and their versatility. It’s Warm brown color and the laconic pattern in gray look very harmonious and perfectly complement family looks couples of any age. This is a Win-win stylish option for a gift to future parents.

Arch R
This model is for those who are looking for genuinely original solutions. The pattern resembles the military style in its mood, but at the same time, it moves away from its aggressiveness and rigidity due to the warm color combination. In this model, the inserts of black eco-leather look particularly impressive: they are in tune with the blotting of black in the pattern and give the color solution juiciness and drive. The choice of such a wheelchair is a business card of a brave and confident person. It is interesting that the model appeared in the collection last year, but because of the popularity entered the 2018 catalog.

Model range Anex Sport, collection Discovery

This collection within the model «sports» series is positioned as a special edition. Its characteristic difference is the texture of the material used: here details of the stroller are made of jacquard with a dense weave. As with all strollers Sports series, jacquard augmented in the fabric. This series presents three models.

Lavander Field
The combination of wine-purple and air-gray refers to the lavender fields of Provence, which gave the name of the model. Muted blueberry color beautifully sets off the gray jacquard, the inserts look like a cast steel sheet due to the dense weave. This is a very convenient color solution for walking in Park areas and country trails.

Dark Forest
The name of the model perfectly explains the color-the color of the dense forest, thickets, and groves, which is associated with air, freshness, and energy. The shade is gaining popularity due to the eco-movement, which is designed to save the resources of the planet. Deep green will appeal to fans of classic colors, restrained taste preferences in design.

Desert Haze
The deep brown combined with grey is reminiscent of sandy desert landscapes that emphasize the title. Despite the «dusty» and daring sound, this model looks very concise and restrained. Universal shades, which are always popular.

Model range Anex Cross has a more pronounced urban style. This is the choice of parents who prefer total minimalism, like short forms and respect monochrome in color. An important feature: Cross models are made entirely of eco-leather.

The very first model of this line, which became the best seller. What is the secret of popularity? A universal elegant black color that can look both dynamic and restrained depending on the style of the accompanying look. Eco-leather in black, contrary to expectations, does not cause gloomy emotions. The focus is on the blue-black highlights on the texture of the material, which give the appearance of the model a picturesque brightness.

This model is for those who are sickened by the black color and light seems to be easily soiled and impractical in daily walks. Laconic dusty gray will look perfect in an ensemble with any shade in the clothes of the parents when used visually «absorbs» possible scuffs and light pollution. Another undeniable advantage of this color in its «flirt» with the surrounding space and light: in bright light, it will seem lighter, and Vice versa, at a dim — darker. One of the most popular options for wheelchairs in countries with a warm climate (Italy, Spain) and partly in Germany (due to the pragmatic «nature» of the model).

A bold color solution for those who love and know how to stand out. The luscious color of Marsala and the pastel shade of cappuccino create a very harmonious ensemble. The choice of people who prefer the classic calm tones, but know how to place the right accents.

This is the best model among bloggers and Insta-moms. This version of the stroller is very prevalent because of the deep shade of beige, which is all without exception, without reference to the child’s gender. Under any style, any mood, any weather and any time of the year: this stroller color «coffee with milk» will always look beautiful and appropriate.

The deep turquoise shade of this model will be appreciated, first of all, by the parents of boys. However, this color is far from the traditional blue, which is customary to welcome the birth of male babies, so parents outside the stereotypes can choose this Royal turquoise and for his Princess. Velvet sapphire shade is the best for combination with inserts of faux leather, which gives the stroller a beautiful «sea» tide.

At first glance, it is not pretentious shade, but this is the highlight of the model Safari. The juicy khaki is ideal for those parents who find black, gray or beige to be faceless flowers in the context of daily walks. This color is synonymous with functionality and practicality.

Dark Plum
The thick plum shade of this model was chosen by experts of the brand so successfully that it received a mass in the segment of baby strollers. What are the advantages of «dark plum» color? Urgency outside fashion trends, like romantic nature, and cautious pragmatics. The muted color is practical for everyday use. Not allocated a bright spot, but at the same time, the shade pleases the eye with a juicy undertone.

Strollers Anex Cross City — this is a solution for those who want to join the brand at the stage of buying a walking block. This model of a stroller is equipped with foam-rubber fabrics and a cover for the feet of the child, so ideal for long and comfortable walks in countries with a cool climates. The Anex Cross City stroller is designed for children from 6 months to 3 years old. Ideal for a curious and brisk kids who want to know this world in any weather.

Tin grey
The walking block in grey is perhaps the most versatile option if there is no preference for light/dark. Gray color allows parents to make a practical choice and at the same time not to deny themselves in light colors. This shade will appeal to adherents of Scandinavian minimalism and lovers of concise design solutions.

Blue ray
The velvet shade of blue, which adds depth to the framing insert dark grey. This marine «tones» like in the first place, the parents of boys. It is worth noting that this shade of blue has a great pastel undertone, respectively, is not demanding on the accompanying colors and will look harmonious in any ensemble.

Steel plum
The name of this color scheme is very telling-translated as «steel drain». Indeed, the «ripe» plum shade is framed by graphite gray inserts. The exquisite combination will be like keeping up with the fashion: in 2018, the purple color of the year was chosen by the experts of the Pantone Institute. A good option also for those looking for a bright color, but not flashy: classic plum can be called eye-catching, but not defiant.

For bold and dynamic natures, Anex experts have added a yellow version to this collection. Very thoughtful discreet solar shade frames only cap, respectively, it looks as reconciled accent without an overwhelming color scheme in General. The fresh yellow undertone makes it a harmonious «companion» of any look.

Stormy sky
Storm sky — so-called gray color that accompanies this model of the walking block. Despite the turbulent name, the gray color is very mature and not sullen, thanks to the lilac undertone. A good practical option for those who model in the classic gray seems light.

The palette of colors and patterns of the Anex brand allow you not to make a mistake with the choice, no matter how complicated it is. All the colors thought out and thoroughly checked by the experts Anex: stroller collection 2018 done in the actual combinatorial shades. Color solutions are made taking into account the supplemented style load of the baby’s and parents’ looks. The choice is solely for the sense of your style and taste. And, we are sure, it is certainly successful!