Blog New Anex Cross 2.0 strollers: A compact race to long distance

New Anex Cross 2.0 strollers: A compact race to long distance

Anex Cross strollers — a model range, complementary urban style. These strollers are very fond of modern young parents for sustained minimalism and self-sufficient monochrome.

Of all the strollers of the Anex model brand, Cross distinguishes the solo use of eco-leather in materials. The generation 2.0 strollers also feature an advanced compact frame with a new folding system and new wheels with AIR FREE system. Let us now consider in detail the qualitative changes in the new model range of Anex Cross.

The new frame: minus in the size
The new structure of the frame allows the strollers of the 2.0 generation to be more compact, while the strength of the material played a key role in the design process. Now, the stroller securely transformed to frame dimensions; 72×59,5×32. Another important note for parents growing brisk kids: now the frame can be folded directly with the chair of the walking block. This is a significant saving of time and even space.

Wheels with AIR FREE system: plus the ease and length of the run
Even more interesting is the AIR FREE system, which is used in the wheels of Anex Cross 2.0. Its key feature: the lack of air. As a result, the effect of air is excluded, which makes the materials used in the structure of the wheels more elastic and wear-resistant. Anex Cross 2.0 wheels use two kinds of materials: polypropylene lid and inner filler of EVA. Polypropylene is well-proven as a wear-resistant material that tightly covers the wheel and provides excellent sliding on roads of any type (asphalt, gravel, paving slabs) and off-road (sand, dirt). EVA material is characterized by high elasticity and flexibility, which helps to «slide» on the road, on the bumps, thanks to excellent shock absorbing.

As a result, the new AIR FREE wheel system offers several advantages:
● The absence of an air chamber negates the need to pump the wheels and control the pressure continually;
● Wheels automatically become impenetrable;
● Wheels withstand high temperatures, both above zero and below (-40 to +40 degrees);
● Wheels retain excellent shock absorption when riding on rough terrain;
● Wear resistance of new materials allow the mileage to increase by 1,5 times.

Anex Cross 2.0 Strollers are technically so thought out that they allow parents to do without the estimated thought about the practicality and functionality, and immediately move on to a smooth process of choosing a color solution.

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