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Top 10 new books 2018 for children and parents

Summer is the perfect time to top up your book collection. The sunny mood and relaxation of summer holidays and vacations inspire free and curious reading in the curly shade of grandma’s garden / openwork veil of palm leaves, on a sun lounger in the golden beach sands or a hammock in the shade of lush greenery...

Who does not love inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of ripe, juicy fruit along the way, slightly sticky hands, enthusiastically flipping through the pages of a new crisp book? But what is the book? Here it is, the question of the category of the eternal: «What to read?». Fortunately, the 2018 book market is full of exciting new products. We reviewed the new children’s books in 2018 and chose options that will be interesting and informative for both children and their parents!


You Are Awesome: Find Your Confidence and Dare to be Brilliant at (Almost) Anything
Author: Matthew Syed
Language: English
Age: 9-13 years

This book is simply obliged to «register» on the children’s bookshelf because it will be a real lifesaver in difficult times. She will remind that even famous and successful people were once losers and will return faith in themselves. The case when a simple children’s book may teach something and parents. The book quotes famous personalities with the recognition of their failures and subsequent successes, motivating exercises and questions that will help not get lost when you want to give up hopelessly.


Moi, un jour. Je serai une fée!: Histoire du soir
Author: Karin Sabin
Language: French
Age: 2-5 years

The book is about a little Sarah, who closed her eyes, and fell into The Dreamland. Parents of children from 2 to 5 years will appreciate these stories about the imaginary world because putting a toddler is not an easy task. The book, in addition to the effect of «sleeping pills», well develops imagination and creativity in kids.


Wonder tablet
Author: Jonathan Meres
Language: Russian
Age: 8-12 years

From gadgets «do not hide, do not escape», as if parents did not try to limit the acquaintance and passion for them. But there is! The book is about the tablet! Great «lead» for a child who does not want to hear about the «paper language». The book, by the way, has a great instructive story on how to achieve their goals. The story speaks about a boy who wants a tablet and decides to go to work to earn the coveted gadget that everyone has but him. The story is painfully familiar to all parents.


OpowieŚĆ O Cyfrach
Author: Anna Miss
Language: Polish / English
Age: 1-5 years

A fun way to help kids remember numbers! The book offers to «make friends» with kids and live together with the adventures of numeric characters. Funny stories are invented to create associations that will help young «accountants» quickly remember all the numbers.


Unusual professions
Author: Alla Gutnichenko
Language: Ukrainian
Age: 3-7 years

Very exciting book-wimmelbuch for children of all ages. The main character, a boy Andrew, whose family and relatives can boast of an unusual craft. For example, sister — hugger pandas, mother — florist, grandmother — sign language interpreter. The boy meets with a whole heap of professions but still does not know who he will be when he grows up, so carefully studying each. For this purpose, the hero (and the readers) are offered a turn with «tools» for each of the professions and interactive tasks.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carroll
Language: English / Russian / Ukrainian
Age: 3-6 years

This book publishing Ranok for a short time became a hit. And here’s why: stunning illustrations of Eugenia Gapchinska plus the effect of augmented reality. Children and parents are invited to download the free mobile application WONDERLAND-AR and revive the famous classic characters — the Cheshire cat, White rabbit, eccentric Hatter. What child would refuse such a reading?


Bedtime stories for young rebels / Cuentos de Buenas Noches Para Niñas Rebeldes 2 (in Spanish, the book has already been published № 2)
Author: Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo
Language: Russian / Spanish
Age: 6-10 years

Modern princesses do not lose their shoes and open shoe stores. And these tales are about these women: 100 stories about 100 great women who dared to try new things and achieve their goals. The book will inspire those girls who dream to open their way in business, science and leave a mark in history. The ideal «vaccine» against stereotypes about the «weaker sex».


You can become a blogger
Author: Shane Birley
Language: Russian / Spanish
Age: 8-12 years

Children’s blogs collect millions of audience and keep the popularity of the General for many years. This book will help parents and children to become closer and speak «the same language»: it is a joint leisure in spite of single races on the Internet, and shared interests, and family unity around the same goal. In addition to web ideas for implementation, instructions for shooting videos, this book will give the child advice on secure communication in the Network, which will certainly appreciate any parent.


Der Struwwelpeter
Author: Henry Hoffman
The book consists of 10 rhyming stories that tell hyperbolized tales about children’s leprosy. With the help of this book, parents get an instructive — joking channel to speak to the children behaviors. It’s funny that the author of this book himself wrote it just for his 3 year old son when he did not find a suitable Christmas gift.


La mia mamma è un supereroe: Un libro da completare dedicato alle mamme con i superpoteri...
Author: Olimpia Ruiz di Altamirano
Language: Italian
An interactive book about real superheroes in our daily lives — Moms. Children are asked to consider more closely all the lessons of their mothers and understand what superpower has the most important person in their lives. The interactive parts of the book includes text for filling, drawings, coloring pages, and applications.


Enjoy reading! Let the summer become a source of not only bright emotions but also useful knowledge for the whole family.

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