Blog Visiting an Italian Family: Tatiana and Domenico

Visiting an Italian Family: Tatiana and Domenico

We wanted to get to know parents who choose Anex, and find out why they love our strollers. So we visited four families and spent a day with each one of them. The first family was waiting for us in Milan.

Tatiana and Domenico met at the French language courses. He was a DJ. She taught French. Both loved traveling and listening to music. Their common interests helped them hit it off and start dating.

Today, the couple has two kids; Noah and baby Elijah. The parents share their love for music with their older son. He can play his small guitar all day long. The boy makes a lot of noise with the drumsticks and shuffles through his dad’s disc collection. Noah has a full set of musical instruments; a guitar for children, plastic flute, and a small piano.

We were very surprised to see how reverently Noah treats his brother. He constantly babies him and talks to the little boy for a long time.

While we were visiting Domenico and Tatiana, they told us why they love Anex. To find out, you can watch a video we recorded in their home.

If you liked the Cross Sapphire stroller, which Tatiana and Domenico enjoy, you can check it out on our website.