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Where to travel in summer with children: TOP-7 popular destinations

Need to know where to visit with your kids to replenish the family’s archive of memories with unforgettable pleasant emotions? We offer seven popular proven resort destinations for traveling with children.

To begin with, we note that rest with children requires special foresight: it is important for parents to restrain their adventurism and take care of safe family leisure. But this does not mean that you can forget about the adventures! Remember that the holidays are not only for our kids but also for adults. Therefore, you should not deprive yourself the breathtaking experiences when you are planning a vacation.

Greece: a fascinating history lesson under the blue sky
Why Greece?

This country is first on our list because of its gentle climate, the well-kept beaches and spicy coniferous aroma, which flutter in the air, invigorate and strengthen our body. Beaches in Greece took a strong position on the list of 50 best European beaches in 2017 according to the British newspaper, SundayTimes. Among the 11 mentioned beaches in this list, you can choose any of it for even the most demanding holidaymaker. Pay attention to the beach of Porto Katsiki in Lefkada, Wutumi on Antipacos, Gagni in Corfu, Navajo in Zakynthos, Hidakin Ithaki, Marat Beach in Skiathos, Ambeli in Folegandros. Most often the beaches have a gentle entrance to the sea, which appeals to children and pleases the parents.

What to expect?
For fans of «energetic water», Greece offers one of the largest water parks in Europe — WaterPark in Rhodes. A no-less attractive alternative is the «multimedia» waterpark AquaPlus in Crete. The children will appreciate the beautiful zoo at Zakynthos, which is located in the stone park, Ascos. Labyrinth park in Crete is most suitable for the mischievous ones. Finally, the whole family can go «for a swim» by visiting an aquarium complex with 25 pools in Rhodes. Elder children can have a great time with their parents, learning the interesting facts of ancient Greek history and watching that their buildings «come» from myths and architectural monuments. In short, Greece is a summer holiday for everyone: both for the dynamic persons and for the audience.

Turkey: languid relaxation under gentle sun
Why Turkey?

This country holds the palm of confidence among the most popular destinations for family holidays. What are the benefits of a Turkish vacation? Definitely, a pleasant climate, budget hotels with diverse meals, animation, and many more benefits. Parents can only stop due to the outbreaks of the Koksaki virus. How not to spoil your holiday in sunny Turkey? Be sure to check the hotel reviews in social networks and professionals, not limited to information from the tour operator. Check medical sources about rotary viral illnesses, pick up the correct first aid kit and take care of your insurance.

What to expect?
Worth to note in advance is that Turkey is a «lazy» option recreation: look outside the hotel lobby on the beauty of theTurkish landscapes: this country, regarding the number of historical monuments and picturesque landscapes, will give way to many European tourist spots. Cappadocia, Oludeniz, Lykia Path, Pamukkale, North Anatolian Mountains, Kaputas Beach «in captivity» of rocks... Of course, walking around the city of contrasts, Istanbul, is just a must. The capture of the contemplation of Turkish attractions is good for children of all ages, as well as animation of all kinds, which are famous in Turkish hotels.

Croatia: vacation with a tint of fairy tale
Why Croatia?

Croatia will please you not only for the adult price system, but also for the children given the possibility of a fantastic adventure. Why is it fabulous? Because of the emerald forests of Croatia with castles, rocks and caves just as depicted in children’s books.

What to expect?
To experience the «fairy tales» of this country personally, go to Plitvetskii lakes, on the islands of Krka and Brion, in Paklenica. This tourist destination will definitely please the dads, as the lakes of Croatia are known for their «fishing» scenic views. Children will definitely remember such amazing leisure. Regarding seaside rest, the beaches of central Dalmatia are just the perfect place to relax with kids. Sloping entrances to the water, the cleanest sand and pines, «aligned» in a row right on the way to the water... Beauty!

Portugal: «postcard» from the Middle Ages
Why Portugal?

In Portugal, every town on the coast resembles a postcard and delights in its hospitality. And this is not just words: the Portuguese are known for their commitment to respecting family values, which is reflected in the kindness of visits to children of all ages. Your family will always be welcome in restaurants and shops are full of all sorts of baby food.

What to expect?
The country with magnificent nature and historical background offers many beautiful corners for diverse recreation: the city of Porto with old beauty, Sintra with a royal residence high in the mountains, the Algarve beaches in the «mirror» embrace of the rocks, Madeira with emerald botanical forests... The most popular beaches for mothers and dads — Portino da Arrabida near Lisbon and Falesia in the town of Vilamoura. In total, about 300 beaches in Portugal are marked with the Blue Flag. Children are obliged to visit the Lisbon Zoo, the Zomarin Algarve Oceanic Park in Gia, the Toy Museum in Sintra, a copy of the Formula 1 trail in a small cartoon park in the town of Almancil, and a natural flamingo park in Ria Formosa.

Montenegro: «cinematographic» vacations
Why Montenegro?

Parents are simply obliged to visit this country: ideal for a kid’s holiday, ideally from a gastronomic point of view, perfect for satisfying the thirst for spectacular beauty, perfect for a wallet. Montenegro is simply a «cinematic» destination that leaves a sweet aftertaste. First, the lush, colorful nature: mountain juicy greens, rocks, clear waters of the Adriatic Sea... Secondly, the architecture of the towns is calm, the course of life is very moderate, which will allow you to relax even with kids.

What expect?
Mandatory to visit is a town called Kotor, a historic center listed by UNESCO. An excursion along Boka Kotorska Bay is a wonderful experience and an great addition for the family photo archive. Montenegro’s cuisine deserves a separate word: every family member will definitely appreciate the dizzy meat and cheese snacks.

Spain, Catalonia: a hot holiday with the sea of impressions
Why Catalonia?

If you are on a ride trip to Europe, and options are floating, then we recommend stopping in Catalonia. First, the amusement park Port Aventura will leave no child indifferent. It is not surprising — this park can safely be called the Spanish version of Disneyland. It is difficult to list all the amazing features of this town of entertainment.

What to expect?
To begin with, we note that the above mentioned Port Aventura includes the Costa Caribe water park and the Ferrari Land theme park, and will cause trembling adrenaline and adrenaline not only for children but for adults as well. Barcelona will also give you many common and exciting family experiences. Each of us at least once in his life, is obliged to see Gaudi’s architectural constructions with their own eyes. With the kids, it’s ideal to visit the Columbus Expedition, the Museum of Ideas and Inventions in Barcelona, the Museum of Magic and Curiosities in Costa Brava. Football fans will be glad to visit the Barzi museum. The Garrochu Park in Costa Brava is an excellent example of the «uncultivated» nature, which is also very useful for kids. In the Catalan cities, there are no problems with entertainment especially with the presence of the entire Spanish coast. Here, you will find dolphins, zoos and botanical gardens. What is remarkable: all the beaches in Spain are free, and the local authorities follow the order. And what is especially pleasing to parents: everywhere along the shore are children’s playgrounds and even children mini-clubs.

Georgia: glorified hospitality in the tent of the green mountains
Why Georgia?

What if you are not attracted by the sea? Or you do not want beach adventure? Then we suggest paying attention to Georgia. This is a country with fantastic mountain landscapes. Every day on such a trip is unique because each new peak is a new look at the world! Should we talk about stunning Georgian cuisine? Cheeses and wines produced by this country do not require special ideas, as well as exclusive invitations to the table, with Khinkali, Khachapuri, Satsivi, Kharcho, Satsebeli... And you will not get bored after a full lunch: Georgian dances and crafts can capture even the kids most enamored in the devices.

What to expect?
One of the best options for «pit stops» is Tbilisi. This is a Cozy old town with quiet streets and houses with lush old age, surrounded by vine branches. When in Tbilisi, one is required to visit with children to the Rike Park and Botanical Garden, which have the contours of the map of Georgia. Children will remember Rike thanks to chess like human growth and a huge piano, and, of course, a large number of colors will make these memories especially colorful for parents. The climb to Mount Mtatsminda will not leave children or adults indifferent either: the Bombora Amusement Park and the Funicular Restaurant with stunning city views, delicious donuts, and the Ajarian Khachapuri.

Whatever the choice you have made, remember that the main thing in traveling is — a good and calm mood. Allow yourself to relax, let go of the situation and accept inevitably, if there are troubles. After all, the main thing is that you changed the situation and lived a new day with the whole family. Let this day be bright and rich! For this, it’s worth living.

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