Anex Air-X

Fold the Anex Air-X with one hand in 3 seconds! This lightweight buggy will be your favorite travel companion, whether on a long walk in the countryside or on a trip to the nearest store. The stroller is designed with you in mind so that you can do what you want and never feel the need to slow down.

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You can do all that you want, all what you need. It’s so easy with the new Air-X. Just try.

Position for newborns. The seat unit can be used from birth due to the ability to lower the backrest.

Portability. The size of the stroller packed with an additional case make it easy to take for trips / as carry-on luggage.

Unfolding the stroller with one hand. To operate / fixate / adjust — all these you can do with one hand.

Folding the stroller with one hand. To operate / fixate / adjust — all these you can do with one hand.

Shock absorption. Shock absorption. The shock absorbers work simultaneously on front wheels and rear wheels providing smooth strolls.

Large hood. The hood completely covers the child and therefore protects your kid from the rain, wind or other surprises.

Footrest for older children. The wide footrest is designed for your baby’s feet, for comfort, safety and relaxation during a stroll.

Removable bumper and five-point safety belt. A baby gets double protection due to a five-point safety belt and a removable bumper. The stroller’s bumper can be removed with one hand.

Awards & certificates

Our strollers are tested and certified according to European standards. We have won several awards because we work hard to ensure that our strollers comply with all the safety, stability, and durability requirements. Air-X complies with the new standard EN1888:2018 and is designed for children weighing up to 17 kg. EN 1888-1:2018 

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  • warehouse pram
  • one hand folding stroller
  • lightweight buggy
  • folding buggy
  • sillas de paseo ligeras
  • cochecito que se pliega con una sola mano

Weight, external and internal dimensions

*with a bumper bar
Stroller Anex
Inner dimensions Anex
Folded sroller Anex
Folded stroller in bag Anex

What included

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Frame with 2 Wheels
Seat Unit
Shopping Bag
2 Wheels
Carry Bag for Stroller

Tech Specs


An anti-wobble system prevents wheel vibration during motion and ensures a straight and smooth ride.


The stroller features an automatic protection system against accidental frame folding.

Fabric protection
Fabric protection

The water-repellent finishing prevents drops of water from penetrating into the fabric and UV 50+ technology blocks 98% of the sun's rays.

Comfy stop
Comfy stop

The ergonomic shoe-friendly brake system is activated and deactivated simply by pressing a pedal.

Air-free wheels
Air-free wheels

Wear-resistant, elastic polyurethane wheels. They do not contain an inflatable tube, which eliminates the need to inflate them or the risk of accidental damage.

Removable bumper
Removable bumper

The system makes it easy to attach / detach the bumper with one hand.

Strong passability
Strong passability

Large wheels provide comfortable one-hand control. It is easy to conquer any road, stroll on rainy days, and constantly feel mobile. 

Light-reflecting zippers
Light-reflecting zippers

Zippers on the hood of the stroller are made from a special light-reflecting material.


A window at the top of the hood lets you observe your baby during a stroll.

Air pocket
Air pocket

Backrest ventilation opens with a zipper and fixes with a button. Provides extra comfort in hot weather.