“The Anex m/type PRO scores points with its modern aesthetics and the innovative choice of materials,” according to the Red Dot Jury, confirming the novelty of our product on the global level.

Together with the Polish agency Ergo Design, we created the stroller that was announced the winner of the 2021 Red Dot Award.

We changed the material and it changed everything. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) makes the carrycot lighter without compromising on strength or safety. 

EPP material is known for its thermoregulation. It retains warmth in winter and maintains coolness in summer. It is able to carry heavy loads and does not deform even with repeated impacts. Add water repellency, noise absorption and 100% recyclability. 

Anex m/type PRO is created with smart fashion in mind, acknowledging the importance of high-quality materials and environmentally friendly production. With the help of laser ablation, we created a texture that did not previously exist in the world of strollers. Find out more about Anex m/type PRO on its page.

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