With Quant, lots of things happened to us for the first time. We wanted this stroller to be unique and that's what happened.

Quant can be fully controlled by one hand. The mattress remembers the position of the kid. The suit unit can be used even for babies. What’s more? LED lights! This stroller is convenient for evening walks too. 

Have you noticed the coordinates on the hood? This the most plastic-polluted place and a global problem for our planet. Quant contains more than 1 kg of recycled plastic. Each time we transform 8 PET bottles into the eco-friendly Sago fabric.

External audits are not enough for us. We have formed our own procedure for internal strollers testing. Quant and other Anex strollers undergo additional checks and withstand high loads. 

Quant is not like the rest of the strollers in our collection. It is for bright, curious parents, who are the first to try something new. 

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