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Baby strollers Anex

Each of our models was designed to perfectly suit absolutely different needs of parents and children. Choose your ideal baby stroller.

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Where to buy Anex stroller?

Each of our models was designed to perfectly suit absolutely different needs of parents and children. Choose your ideal baby stroller.

Strollers Anex m/type in Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Namangan, Samarkand, Andijon, Bukhara, Nukus, Qarshi, Qo`qon, Chirchiq, Fergana, Jizzax, Urganch, Tirmiz, Marg`ilon, Navoiy, Angren,Olmaliq, Bekobod, Denov, Chust, Kogon, Yangiyul, Koson, Kattaqo`rg`on, Oltinko`l, Shahrisabz, Asaka, Khiwa, Guliston, Beruniy, Khujayli, Chortoq, Novyy Turtkul', Urgut, Kosonsoy, Kitob, Ghijduwon, Oqtosh, Parkent, Ohangaron, Uchqurghon Shahri, Quva, Yangiyer, Quvasoy, Manghit, Uychi, Nurota, Muborak, Toshbuloq, Yangiqo`rg`on, Piskent, To`rqao`rg`on, Qibray, Iskandar, Gurlan, Zomin, Showot, Sirdaryo, Bulung'ur, Toshloq, Shofirkon, Salor, Bektemir, Haqqulobod, Qo`rg`ontepa, Oltiariq, G`uzor, Boysun, Yangirabot, Yangiobod, Sho`rchi, Gagarin, Zafar, Payshanba, G'azalkent, Chinoz, Karakul', Pop, Beshariq, Paxtakor, Tuytepa, Kirguli, Yaypan, Juma, Dashtobod, Bo`ka, Chiroqchi, Hazorasp, Beshkent, Qushkupir, Xo`jaobod, Chelak, Wobkent, Dustlik, Galaosiyo, Marhamat, Jomboy, Kegeyli Shahar, Yangi Marg`ilon, Urtaowul, Charxin, Qiziltepa, Hamza, Ishtixon, Muynoq, Romiton, Olot, Gazli, Nishon Tumani, Qorovulbozor, Daxbet, Shohimardon, Amir Timur.

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Anex comprises a big range of additional accessories. Choose your own for a new stroller.

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We are a team of driven designers and engineers united in a common cause. Making the lives of babies and parents easier, better, and with a touch of the unique.

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Here we will time travel. Because cool stories are worth it. So much is going on! We want to share it with you and leave it here as a memory.

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Our strollers are tested and certified according to European standards. Every day we work hard to make our strollers conform to safety, stability and durability requirements.

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