Anex Eli

Anex Eli - your effortlessly stylish stroller. Featuring premium and sustainable materials, Eli is for parents seeking stylish products without compromising on baby’s comfort and safety.

With its simplified design approach, Eli conveys a timeless look while offering ease of use through its lightweight, ergonomic design and flexibility to adapt to parents' needs.

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Anex Eli is created with ergonomics in mind to ensure an uncompromised experience between design and functionality for parents.

Easy removing. Simply press the buttons to effortlessly detach the carrycot or seat unit. The memory system in the adapters will keep the buttons engaged until you effortlessly lift the cot or seat.

Carrycot & seat unit height adjustment. To ensure comfort for families of every height, carrycot and seat unit height adapters are included in the set. They allow you to raise the carrycot and seat unit by 8.5 cm when needed.

Comfortable sleeping space. Newborns will enjoy their sweet dreams in the roomy carrycot, thanks to the soft all-natural bamboo fabric and impeccably smooth EPP bottom. You can open the ventilation on the bottom of the carrycot for extra comfort.

Reversible Seat Unit. The seat unit can be installed in both directions, facing parents for infants and facing outward for curious toddlers. The frame can be folded together with the seat unit in either direction.

Footrest & backrest adjustments. The adjustable footrest and backrest features allow you to select the desired angle of inclination and even achieve a complete lying position, ensuring optimal comfort for your baby.

Compact self-standing. The folded stroller can stand upright on its own, enabling optimal space usage and preventing accidental frame scratches or low bending when travelling with your child.

Frame carry handle. Frame carry handle included in set provide convenient carrying of folded frame on your shoulder or by hand. 

Multi handle. Find your perfect fit with three ergonomic handle positions. Regardless of your height, you can comfortably maneuver the stroller without any trouble.

Five-point safety belts. The shoulder pads can be easily adjusted and locked in place with the help of buttons. The magnetic lock ensures secure belts placement, while the soft shoulder pads guarantee optimal comfort without compromising safety.

Triple shock absorption. Stroller’s shock absorbers work in perfect sync on the front and rear wheels and on the frame, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for you and your little one.

360-degree turning front wheels. Turn every ride into an adventure (and every obstacle into a trifle) with stroller's 360°-degree front wheel rotation!

Breathing system. To keep your little one comfy and cool, the stroller has a sophisticated breathing system that provides ventilation in all the right places — from the hood and bottom of the cot to the footrest and hood of the seat unit. Breathable mattress filled with natural Sorona material for excellent ventilation.

10kg basket. Carry all your essentials with ease, thanks to the stroller's spacious basket with a 10 kg capacity!

Large hood. Keep your little one dry and protected from unexpected weather with the seat unit's hood, which includes an additional section that completely covers your child.

Awards & certificates

Our strollers are tested and certified according to European standards. We have won several awards because we work hard to ensure that our strollers comply with all the safety, stability, and durability requirements. Eli complies with the new standard EN 1888-1:2018+A1:2022 / EN 1888-2:2018+A1:2022 and is designed for children weighing up to 22 kg (up to 4 years). 


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Weight, external and internal dimensions

Unfolded dimensions with carrycot Anex
Inner carrycot dimensions Anex
Height with and without adapters (carrycot) Anex
Unfolded dimensions with seat unit Anex
Inner seat unit dimensions Anex
Height with and without adapters (seat unit) Anex
Folded frame with seat unit Anex

What’s included?

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Height adjustment adapters & backpack
Bumper for seat unit
 & frame carry handle
Rain cover & mosquito net

Tech Specs

Flexi wheels
Flexi wheels

Soft, light, and wear-resistant, these PU wheels designed for longevity and flexibility. No air-filled tubes means easy maintenance and no accidental damage.

Epp carrycot
Epp carrycot

The EPP material is 100% recyclable, and lighter than standard plastics. Due to the strength of the EPP material, it is also used in the production of car seats, safety helmets, and vehicles.

Sorona mattress
Sorona mattress

The mattress is filled with the all-natural Sorona material, derived from corn. This mattress is not only breathable, but it's also antibacterial and environmentally friendly. It feels soft and cozy to the touch and is 100% safe for children.

Position for newborns
Position for newborns

It's got your back, or rather, your little one's back, because the seat unit’s backrest can be lowered to accommodate newborns.

Own microclimate
Own microclimate

The EPP material in the carrycot boasts excellent temperature resistance and insulation properties, creating a perfect microclimate. It keeps your little one warm during winter and cool during summer, ensuring optimal comfort year-round.


An automatic protection system keeps the frame securely in place preventing accidental folding.

Fabric protection
Fabric protection

No need to worry about rain or shine — the stroller's got your baby covered with a water-repellent finish >80 to keep them dry and UV 50+ technology to shield them from the sun.

Comfy stop
Comfy stop

It's easy to stop and go with stroller’s ergonomic brake system, which is designed to be friendly to your shoes.

Removable bumper
Removable bumper

The stroller allows for effortless one-handed attachment and detachment of the buggy's bumper, making it quick and easy on the go.

Easy lock
Easy lock

The front locking system allows you to keep the wheels in one position at the touch of a button.


An anti-wobble system prevents wheel vibrations during motion and ensures a straight and smooth ride.

Ergo comfort design
Ergo comfort design

The stroller is design with ergonomic principles, prioritizing the comfort and convenience of both parent and baby throughout their journey from infancy to four years old. The thoughtfully designed frame and seat unit ensures easy access to the baby while providing ample walking space for parents. 

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