Anex extended warranty

m/type, m/type PRO, l/type, e/type, Quant, IQ: 2 years + 1 year
Air-X, Air-X Travel Cot, Air-Z:  1 year

Mandatory condition: 1 additional year of warranty is provided only in case of stroller registration (only for 2in1 strollers).

• Anex provides a 2-year ANEX EXTENDED WARRANTY (hereinafter - the "warranty") for such strollers: m/type, m/type PRO, l/type, e/type, IQ and Quant. To be eligible for the 1 additional year of warranty, all you have to do is register your Anex stroller on the official website within 3 months of purchase and keep your original proof of purchase (payment confirmation which includes a purchase date).

• The warranty period for Air-X, Air-X Travel Cot and Air-Z strollers is 1 year.

• Anex warranty is covered for the original purchaser, from the date of purchase, against defects in manufacturing or material, based on normal use and as long as these instructions have been followed.

• Anex warranty does not extend to unauthorized purchasers of the product intended for resale or purchasers who intend to use this product for commercial use such as rental of the product to others.

• This extended warranty does not apply to damages or expenses relating to defects caused by the failure to use, maintain or store the Anex product as specified in the manuals or other product packaging materials. Extended warranty also does not apply to a product that has been altered, changed or modified from factory specifications.

• The warranty only applies when the product is bought at an authorized dealer and when a correctly filled warranty registration and original proof of purchase is supplied.


• If you receive your Anex stroller as a gift, please be sure to ask for the receipt, as we cannot provide warranty service without proof of purchase.

• Any claims concerning product failures should be addressed to your Seller or by filling out an online form with detailed information on Anex official website in the Services section.

• Warranty repair is performed by the manufacturer, an authorized service center, or an authorized representative.

• The warranty period is being prolonged correspondingly to the time of the maintenance.

• The entity providing the warranty defines the repair methods of the stroller.

• Is necessary to deliver a clean product, due to which the service is claimed.

• In the event of losing the warranty sheet, please contact the Anex service team to use the data you filled out while the online registration of your warranty.

• Anex warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country where you have purchased the product.

• In a case of warranty replacement, the company reserves the right to introduce design changes to the product’s performance without prior notice of improvement.

• Anex will provide replacement parts or conduct repairs as determined by the company.

• Anex reserves the right to replace the parts with newer model parts as the product is improved over time.

• For defects caused by ordinary wear and tear, such as worn wheels and fabrics by everyday use, scratches on the frame and natural discoloration of materials over time or by NOT following the maintenance instructions.

• For damages or repairs administered by non-authorized representative agents.

• For defects caused by non-compliance with the instruction manual, instruction movies or other Anex guidelines.

• For damages and tearing made by a customer or another person (knots that have been damaged mechanically, fractures, dents, deformations caused by force).

• For used wheels which were damaged or punctured because of mechanical actions; natural wear out or resource exhaustion.

• For accidental damages caused by a customer or damages caused as a result of careless attitude or usage; damages caused by natural disasters (natural phenomena).

• In the event of product air transportation or freight damage.

• In the event of use of accessories parts that are not manufactured by Anex.

• In the case of textile material deformations.

• For the effects that have been brought about by the oscillation of the carriage from side to side and the weakening of the structure at the rivets.

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