Feel free to express yourself in your parenting!

The world encourages confidence! And new strollers from Anex x SmileyWorld® collab give no reason to doubt either quality or style.

Having created the world's first smiley icon, our friends Smiley® went further, creating the fun multi-icon universe of SmileyWorld®. So now, they are working with us to generate new designs of cool parenting, which have already been embodied in the bold e/type Art and the dashing e/type Joy.

The practical functionality will take care of the comfort of the baby and the ability of parents to make a minimum effort for powerful maneuverability. 

And the trendy design will make sure that the central avenues of the capitals and cozy streets of small towns belong to you. 

A new walk is just beginning. 

child with laptop

Stay tuned with Anex

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