Легкі коляски прогулки Anex Air-Z — найкраще рішення для активних батьків

Parenting is a time of crazy challenges! It is easier to accept them when there is a reliable assistant - Anex Air-Z baby stroller near you. With this stroller, neither long distances nor bad weather will be able to affect the comfort of your baby.


The best journeys start in childhood

The best strollers are the ones that make it easy for parents to show their baby the world. That's why the Anex Air-Z stroller can be folded in one motion, quickly transformed into a lying position, and tested by all city and park paths thanks to the wheels with a shock-absorption system.

These lightweight buggies are easy to transport because they weigh only 6 kilograms and are very compact when folded. Anex Air-Z can easily fit in the trunk or back seat of the car, and it will be convenient for you at the airport, train station, and anywhere in the world!

Such strollers for newborns will be also suitable for babies up to 22 kilograms. Adjustable backrest and footrest allow you to adjust the stroller just for your child. A u-shaped pillow, which comes with the stroller, will help the baby explore the world not only with interest but also with comfort. So this travel stroller transformer will be a favorite for both baby and parents.

A stroller that changes with the needs

No matter how fast your little ones grow, you need to respond to their changes even faster! The reversible seat gives you the ability to adjust the stroller into a lie-flat position like a cradle that will be comfortable for babies. And along with that, as the baby grows, Air-Z can be returned to the sitting position with the backrest without additional instruments or tools.

Anex travel buggies are able to provide your child with comfort in any weather, even if it changes unexpectedly. On hot days, the back of the seat can be transformed into open ventilation, which will provide coolness while the large removable hood will protect the baby from the sun.

At the same time in the colder season, the same hood will come in handy, making the baby impregnable to both rain and gusts of wind. And thanks to the water-repellent fabric, which covers the stroller, even during downpours it will always be dry and warm inside.

With an additional accessory foot cover, the stroller will completely cover the baby. While walking, the little travelers will have their own warm fortress that will protect them from any adversity! Anex Air-Z proves that all-season strollers can be both lightweight and compact.

Due to the mentioned characteristics, such strollers can be used for walks in the neighborhood park, as well as on trips to another continent. Thanks to a wide range of features, you will be ready to meet any comfort needs of the child. And the Easy care feature will allow you to quickly remove the fabric without additional tools and easily take care of the stroller's cleanliness.

More comfort - more possibilities!

Anex Air-Z is available in six colors, so it will be easy to choose strollers for boys and for girls. In order for the 0+ buggy to fully meet the expectations, it can be supplemented with useful accessories, which you will find on the Anex website. Among them:

mosquito net;

foot cover;

rain cover;

universal seat liner.


You can buy Anex Air-Z stroller at the official brand representatives in your country. Find the store nearest to you at the link.


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