Blog The design of Anex strollers has won the Red Dot Award 2019

The design of Anex strollers has won the Red Dot Award 2019

Two Anex strollers have simultaneously been awarded the Red Dot Award, the most prestigious prize for design and communication. Quant and Air-X models were marked as the best in the category of Product Design.

Anex Quant has won recognition in the premium segment of strollers thanks to its functional design which embodies bohemian style and the freedom of movement and travel. The stroller is completely operated with one hand, while the soft suspension system, anti wobbling system, and wheel direction memory system ensure the quality of the ride. The model is developed by factoring in the most modern elements of features: LED headlights with two light modes, an orthopedic dual-core mattress, a plastic shock-proof frame of the cradle, a polystyrene foam bottom, a water-resistant Air CP case and textile made of recycled plastic (Sago). The bald eclectic design and meaningful functionality of Anex Quant represent the model as the stroller of the future for modern parents.

Anex Air-X stroller impresses with its mobility and versatile design. It's intended to be used by 0+ children, and it allows you to travel with your kids easily. Its innovative soft double suspension system makes any road of the world comfortable. The design of the Air-X stroller is the outcry against limitations.

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Red Dot Design Award is a design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. It’s given to designers and manufacturers for excellence in Consumer Goods Design. The awarded products are displayed in Red Dot Design Museum. There are three categories of nominations: Product Design (the designers of consumable products such as furniture, consumer electronics, cars, etc.), Communication Design (advertisers of goods), and Concept Design.